Engine bogs down

I drive a '02 Honda Accord 4-cyl, 5-spd manual. Recently, I’ve noticed that the car will kinda bog down at a stop. It never quite stalls, but it gets pretty darn close and the idle quickly recovers. I’ve also noticed that it idles a bit rougher too (not really bad, just enough to be noticeable). By the way, it bogs down as I’m already stopped (like at a light in neutral), not as I’m slowing down. The car has 82,xxx miles on it, and other than this little (albeit annoying quirk) runs really well. The check engine light isn’t on, and it drives like it should. Any thoughts are gratefully appreciated!



The problem might with a lazy/dirty Idle Air Control valve.

The IAC valve is what controls the engine idle speed anytime the accelerator is released. If the valve has become lazy where it doesn’t move to the proper position for the idle condition the engine can stall or almost stall. Or if the valve is dirty from gum and varnish it can cause the same problem.

The valve can be removed and cleaned to see if it eliminates the problem. If not, then valve most likey requires replacement.


Thank you very much. I’ll give that a try. My car is also overdue for a good tune-up, that with a good cleaning of the IAC, like you said, should hopefully fix it.