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1987 Honda Accord - Engine accelerates and bogs on its own

My car will run really rough and bog down and die. It will start only if I floor the gas pedal (it is not fuel injected). Sometimes it will accelerate for no reason. I’ll come to a stop and it is idling at 2700-4000 rpm. I have no idea what could be causing these two things but they seem to come together. I never have this during warm weather, only during cold weather and it is intermittent.

Any ideas on what this could be?



Never mind

“it is not fuel injected”

Sounds like a sticky butterfly valve.
If that were the only problem I would suggest spraying some carb cleaner down the throats.
But the bogging down suggests the carburetor has dirt or other problems.

These carbs were nightmares to service.
A remanufactured or rebuilt carb is your best bet.
I think this car has two fuel filters and they should be changed too.

With some mechanical savvy you could buy a Weber carburetor and an adapter plate.
That’s what I did on my '81 Accord.

Somehow managed to read right past that line. Thanks for pointing that out!