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My check engine light came on and I got a code of P1451 I know it’s evap. Where would you recomend it be taken to fix or can we (my husband) do it ourself. Prices are all over from 90-150 an hour.

Did You Mean PO451 ? What Model-Year F-150 ?

Sometimes a shop that charges $150 / hour can cost you less than one that charges $ 90 / hour. A Ford dealer service department may be best equipped to deal with this.


I’m not sure how successful you’d be trying to fix it yourself - it depends on the general knowledge/skill level. The code is for the vent solenoid - the system has a little electric motor in it that opens to send the gas fumes to the engine to be burned.

So you’ll need to figure out where the solenoid is, a digital multimeter, preferably some wiring diagrams, specs for testing the solenoid’s resistance & voltage. Sometimes repair manuals like Haynes or Chilton’s ($20 at an auto parts store) contain this info. Those manuals are quite limited though so you never know when you’ll get what you need.

Of course, you could just price out a new solenoid & toss it on there if its not too pricey. But don’t be surprised if that doesn’t fix it just b/c the problem could be in the wiring.

Chances are that this is what a shop will do if you take it to them. But if you do take it to a shop, make it a local, owner-operated type of a place.