2000 Ford Focus DTC 1451

I have a 2000 Ford Focus that has been setting a P1451 DTC (Auxilliary Emissions System Malfunction).

I replaced, first the vapor cnister vent solenoid (light came back on with the same code). Then, I replaced the vapor canister vent solenoid (this is on the right side firewall) with the same result.

What else is there for me to check and how easy is it to repair (without taking it to the local Ford dealer)?

Thank you.

Mark B Handler

My DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) chart calls P1451: “Evaporative Emissions System Vent Control Circuit”. In your title, the “Auxiliary” gave me pause.
I suggest that you go to your public library and use their www.alldata.com link, and look up the troubleshooting charts for DTCP1451 at: Vehicle Level > Powertrain Management > Computers and Control Systems > Testing and Inspections > Diagnostic Trouble Code Tests and Associated Procedures > P Code Charts > P1451 <.