Evap Error

I have a 2001 Honda Accord. The Check Engine Light came on. I looked into it and the error code was 1457, and evap error. My mechanic diagnosed my car and told me that 2 solenoids need to be replaced, the bypass solenoid and the cvs solenoid. After he called a dealership for parts, they also told him that the evap sensor and the canister assembly also need to be replaced. Otherwise the light may come back on again and my car will not pass inspection. The whole job will cost $1,000. Am I being taken for a ride?

It would be good to tell us how many miles your Accord has on it and what the actual code was like: P1234.

Just going by the info provided you were given a “may come back on”, why not do just the solenoids and see if it works? It sounds like the parts department is trying to get your Independant mechanic to replace parts like a mechanic working under warranty would.

That’s what I am thinking. My mechanic was surprised as well. He claims that he orders parts from this dealership quite often and doesn’t feel that they are trying to get one over on him. Btw, this is a MIDAS, not sure if that matters.

Not my first pick for evap system work but your mechanic may have years and years of drivability and emissions experience and just ended up at MIDAS. The best barometer is how you feel about his judgement and work. Trust your inital feelings but put the brakes on this when cost starts going up and he says “I don’t know if this will fix it but we must try it”. He must be confident of his work.