Emission light is on

My Mazda RX-8 has been towed and now its emission light is constantly on. I’ve been told that this could be due to gas sloshing that may has set a code. If so, how can I re-set the code ? Is this a big problem? Can I continue driving the car prior to fixing this?

never heard that before. go to someplace like advanced auto parts . have them “read” the code and erase it. make a note of the code and if the light comes back on then have a repair facility look at it. also make sure that the fuel cap is on correct. yes it is OK to drive. you are aware that the RX8 has had many problems including engine failures?

What year and how many miles on your RX8

[i]  how can I re-set the code ?[/i] 

 Check your owner's manual. It may tell you.

Most manuals tell you to bring the car to the dealer for service. $$[i]Cha-chink[i]$$

Many auto parts stores will read the code for you, but may not reset the light for you. Get the code read, post it here, and we can help you decipher it.

Any good independent mechanics can probably find out what is going on. A Mazda rotary specialist will make sure it gets fixed right.

Gas sloshing?

That’s a new one.

Get your computer code pulled, and tell us what it is.
Then we can tell you how serious it is, and if you can continue driving, or if you need to have the car worked on immediately.

Gas sloshes around in every fuel tank on every vehicle.
If that was an issue, every single car would set off a light as soon as they made a turn, and people would complain ALL THE TIME about that check engine light.

Think about it for a couple of minutes to let you grasp it fully.