Car's coolant light

My Mazda RX-8 yellow symbol light-looks like an engine almost- is on constantly.The car was recently towed. Engine works fine.I noticed some call this Engine warning light, others emission light, and also water coolant light. Which one is it and what should I do?

Thanx 4 helping.

On Mazda, the yellow symbol light that looks like an engine is the check engine light. You need to have the OBD codes read. They help identify possible locations of engine issues (including emissions). Some auto parts stores read the codes for free. Post them and someone here may be able to help explain what the issue that caused the light to come on and what may be done to fix it.

As I recall, the water coolant light is a red “thermometer” type light. Becomes red when the car overheats. If it comes on, bad news.

Why was the car “recently towed?”

Is your owner’s manual not clear on which light it is?

I live in Helsinki.There’s plenty snow in the streets here and the city snow workers wanted to clear the snow.They towed it to the ext street.

The manual does say Engine light but doesn’t say what exactly I should do short of taking it to the nearest authorized Mazda dealer. Here, you just walk into an authorized RX-8 Mazda dealer you are charged a handful before even saying hi!Lol

Chances are your car was damaged during the towing.
You need to get the code read so that you can know where to start looking for the damage done.

After that, you need to get your city to pay for the damage they caused your car.