Emergency Break Light not going out when depressed



Hi! My emergency break light has been on since the winter (when it got cold, the damn light went on and off, then it stayed on!) What’s the easiest way to fix the problem? I’m thinking it’s electrical. Any ideas?


All the E-brake switch does is to grund the voltage coming from the light on the dash.

The switch is either stuck closed, or the wire has a bare spot & is shorted to ground somewhere.


Remove the connector from the switch & if the light goes off replace the switch.


On many vehicles the light is a dual use light. It will illuminate if the e-brake is on OR if the brake fluid is low. Check your brake fluid. And if it’s low it could mean the brakes are getting worn and should be checked.


Add some brake fluid.


recently happened to daughter, light served a dual purpose, in her case fluid was low due to a leaking master cylinder. Get this checked out to be on the safe side