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Electronics on passenger door aren't workingI

I have a 03 silverado 1500.i was putting in new speakers for the doors so I took the panels off and unhooked all the connectors.once I hooked it all up again and put it together the window,power mirror,mirror turning signal, and locks won’t work for the passenger side. I can’t work it with the driver side controls either.ive unhooked the battery and let it sit for an hour to reset the computer but it hasn’t made any difference.any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thx


If you take things apart that were working before, and don’t work when it’s put back together, you need to go back and recheck your work


Tester is absolutely correct.

Plus 1 to Tester. You pulled a connection loose or disconnected an arm or something. If you hear nothing, then probably a connector but if you hear the clunk like the solenoid is working, then probably a connecting arm. So back to work again. Wouldn’t be the first time. Its always easier the 2nd or 3rd time around. Also could be the main on the driver’s side. Test everything again before putting the panel completely back on.

I work on computers a lot and I’ve done it multiple times where I’ve forgotten to re connect a connecter to a fan or other switches… You probably forgot to connect it back together correctly! Just go through it again and re check everything :). Also it helps to take pictures before as a guide for you to put it back together for future reference

Yea I’ve taken it apart and put it back together 3 times with same result.this last time I connected the controllers before putting the panel on and it worked fine.then I disconnected it to put the panel on and connect everything but it quite once I had everything back like it was supposed to be. The only thing I can think of is a short in the wiring.there is only 4 connections if my memory serves me right and they are fitted so that it’s impossible to hook it up wrong.

I don’t have much experience on working with the electronics on cars. But maybe you could have shorted something If the battery was still connected on the car? I read somewhere it’s always safe practice anytime working on anything electrical in a car to disconnect the battery before working on the said car. Maybe take it into a body shop and see if they can fix it. And also as a last resort check some of the fuses under the steering wheel in the fuse boxes. Use manual as a guide

If that’s case then you might have pulled a wire a little so it is no longer in good contact with the plug. Might be the ground wire. Might have to get the meter out and check the continuity of wiring to the plug and any other connections. I’ve sometimes used a sharp pick or a needle to pierce the wire downstream a little to be able to check continuity (Then a little tape over the puncture). I don’t think its a short because that would likely cause the fuse to blow which would cause more locks to be dead.