Electro viscous fan clutch for 2002 old bravada

After installing the new fan, does the Bravada have to be reprogrammed? The dealership wants to charge 1200 for repairs and also say the water pump needs replacing, so to save money I am going to tackle this myself. Any suggestions?

I don’t know if it needs to be rreprogrammed, the answer will be interesting, but I have a question for you. Why did you take it to the dealer? Dealers, overall, are no better or worse, than independent mechanics, but they are almost always more expensive and often do not offer you alternative solutions.

Suggestions? If you decide to do this yourself, don’t let its seemingly simple nature lead you to believe that you should do the job without the repair manual …the Bravada Repair Manual. If you don’t do the repair, yourself, an independent repair shop should be hundreds le$$.

It depends. If you currently have the older style clutch design, and your model year is right around the time they made a change, then you will need to have the PCM re-flashed to work properly with the newer clutch design. The other issue is removing the old one. Some stores rent a tool for the job otherwise you need to get inventive to hold the water pump while removing the clutch. I’d make sure you have a clutch failure before replacing it. They have a history of failing but since it’s an electro-mechanical design, the control electronics can also go bad.