Inspection problems

why won’t my bravada put out the codes it’s supposed to?

You’ll need to expand a little on what the problem is and what kind of car. Codes will set when there is a monitored circuit out of limit. Some systems aren’t monitored. In order for codes to be set, the computer needs to be working too.

we need year, milage, and a problem. Your post does not suggest a problem that anyone could start to work on.

it is a 2000 olds.bravada with 168000 miles on it.when plugged in to the machine to see if it passes the emissions test for inspection{for new york}it won"t show certain codes[egr,for one].

Contact your State Rep and Senator and request the state abandons these ridiculous “tests” which accomplish NOTHING.

The stated reason for doing these “tests” is to improve air quality, but no one has EVER been able to PROVE testing car emissions makes any measurable difference in air quality.

It’s just a big racket, jobs program and rip-off…

In the meantime, so you can register and drive your car, ask how to get an emissions test waiver.

i wish i believed that new york state would give me a waiver.but it seems that i have to figure this problem out.

So you mean when they try to manipulate the egr settings from the computer it won’t respond? Minnesota got rid of those ridiculous tests some years ago. One of only two good things our wrestler governor did. They had absolutely no impact on air quality and simply kept the testing stations in business.

I guess could be egr or computer or their test equipment. Seems to me you’d have a trouble code if egr was not working. Maybe try another testing station or ask them what exactly they are trying to do or looking at.

I think you should check the battery and if it only charges up to 11.9 volts or somewhere in that neighborhood, borrow a good battery and drive it for two days. Have your emissions status checked by borrowing a code reader and trying for a green light. If it passes, replace the battery. If it doesn’t pass, you will just have to bring it to a mechanic. I don’t believe you can fix it yourself. The pay for repair way is probably going to cost too much too.

I agree with others that the testing is rediculous. However, that’s a different thread. You need answers that help you.

Your Bravada should not put out any codes. “Codes”, are stored in your engine’s computer when a sensor monitoring anything related to emissions output detects something wrong. It may be on the engine, or may be in the system that prevents the gas tank from evaporating gas into the atmosphere. The codes are “read” (also called “downloading”) to tell a technician where to begin looking, where to start a diagnosis. There’s a long list of possible codes.

The emissions testing facility should be able to tell you what codes they read. That will give us some idea what to suggest as your next step. You could also bring those to your mechanic, and while he’ll likely recheck the codes himself, it may help him determine a starting point.