I m so fed up with the car I ve many pep look at it and no one seems to figure out the problem? I have a major problem and I’m try I jus want to find the solution and take care of it fast be4 I mess the engine up! My fans are going but I don’t know ifs its suppose to go faster idk? I’ve did a complete flush replace all parts but fan motor and plastic container that u add fluid in for antifreeze! I ve done just about everything then the car ran good for 5mths and now its doin it again! Can anyone help me out guide me or talk w me on the problem plz

Bad clutch fan?

No fan clutch on this car.
The 2000-2002 use a hydraulic fan system. A hydraulic pump is driven by the engine and two hoses go to a hydraulic motor that spins the fan. Fan speed is controlled by the PCM using a solenoid valve. Problems with this setup are common and the bill to fix it is often in the $1000 range. One issue is that people at the iffy-lube places will put antifreeze in the hydraulic fan reservoir because it has a fan symbol on it, and because the radiator fill is located at the base of the windshield.

The 2003-2006 have an electric fan setup, and that seems to be trouble free.

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