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Electrical problems

I have a 97 f150 and my wippers are not working. Not only that but I have stray power going to everything but the wippers. I can turn things on without haveing the truck on. Now my radio only turns on when it wants to and shuts off anytime also. please help me.

The visual inpection part of electrical diagnosis is number 1 in my book. I have the ASE cert,the GM SET (specialized electrical training) the comparable from BMW,6 months Basic AC/DC radio and digital from ITT and certification from my Community College program plus 35 yrs hands on (the first 15 or so were pretty comical) so I know what works. And there is always more to learn.

Do your visual inspection.

I’m not sure what you mean by do you visual inspection, but i had some one look at it and they cannot figure out where all the power is coming from.

Look at your fuse boxes and also look for extra wiring and see where it goes. Look at the wires under the dash. If there ae any wires stuck together that look burned, separate them and tape them. Find out how the aftermarket stereo is wired. Does your ignition switch feel right and are the detents clearly defined? If not, you might want to change it. I had a Mazda switch that felt like there was dirt in it but yours is a different type.

I would first suspect the ignition switch is making connection in the OFF position. Try disconnecting it and see if the power gets cut off then. If there is still a problem then a power relay may be in the circuit and the contacts are shorted together. You may also be able to pull the main fuses in the power panel under the hood one at a time to help find the path the connection is taking.