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2007 Jeep Compass No power to stereo

My wife has a 2007 Jeep Compass. The stock stereo stopped working one day. It had no power going to it. My wife’s father is a mechanic at a car dealership. He’s an older gentleman and isn’t very savvy when it comes to modern electronics such as stereos. He tried to fix it for her. He ended up telling her the stereo was “burnt out” and she needed a new one. She was bummed out because the stereo didn’t work. I bought her a new aftermarket stereo for her birthday and it came with the installation kit and the adapters and connectors. She asked her father if he could install it for her. He tried and couldn’t get it to work. One of his coworkers looked at it and said he suspects there is a “bad wire” somewhere, possibly under the gear shifter? He bench-tested the original stereo and it still works! Where do we look for the “bad wire” ? How do we find it? They haven’t been able to find it so far. This model does not have steering wheel controls for the stereo.

my first impression is ignition switch.
my 08 Expedition just had that radio power issue and the ignition switch was the culprit.
Though my tests proved it , it surprised us the first time. .the radio lights were on and we could change the stations …but no sound.
turned off the truck …turned it back on and the radio worked.
weeks went by till the next one , a no power situation, and cycling the ignition switch solved it.
replaced ignition switch days later .
My 80 Bronco did this too but ALL the gauges and dash lights were off untill playing around with the ignition switch.

You had good intensions at least in purchasing a replacement radio. Just not the correct information as to the problem. Let’s see if we can make you look like the hero here(at least in your GF eyes).

From the info I saw it appears fuse 20 supplies power to the radio. The separate amplifier has a different supply fuse. Verify fuse 20 is good using a test light probe and check for power on each side of the fuse using the slits on top of the fuse. Power to the radio is tied to two red/light blue wires going to the radio. You should have power on them. If not check splice S202 for a bad connection. I don’t know where that splice is at but the factory wiring manual will show where it is. You can check Ebay for good prices on factory service manuals. You would be wise to invest in one if you plan on keeping the car. If the radio shows signs of power getting to it then the real trouble may be with the external amp.

Does the new radio have an access code that must be entered to allow the radio to function?

The screen display will show “code” or similar the first time that the radio is “powered up” and turned on.

The BCM controls power to the windows and radio. This is part of the ‘convenience’ features, but these modules can also go bad. If no other tests pan out, have the BCM checked out.

This Jeep Compass doesn’t have power windows or power locks. Would the BCM still apply?

Battery power is supplied by a fuse in the Totally Intergrated Power Module. There isn’t a traditional 12 V ignition on/off wire. The radio receives an ignition on signal over the CAN BUS communication wires.

Connect a scan tool and check the audio receiver for fault codes. Note that a shorted speaker wire can cause the radio the turn off.