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Electrical Problem

I have a 2000 Ford Windstar Van with 155,000 miles on it. A problem has developed with the electrical system/components. The van will start and run fine. With the engine running, there is no instrumentation, power windows do not work, wind shield wipers do not work, radio does not work, heater blower motor does not work. After the engine has been shut off, the radio will work, windows will work, door locks until such time as you open the door, then all quits. With the key in accessory, the windows work, door locks work, radio works, etc. The neutral module was replaced (the old one, none of the contacts appeared to be burnt). Ford dealer spent an hour trouble shooting - checked body modules (2) - found nothing. Any suggestions???

Thank You

I think it’s the ignition switch.

circuitsmith may well have a point there. I also would point out that many of these kind of problems relate to poor grounding. In this case I would have hoped Ford would have checked the ground early in the process.

Good Luck.

I also think the ignition switch may be faulty. There are two parts to the switch; the lock cylinder and the electric switch. Only the electric switch is suspect.

The trouble may be with the power side of the circuit or the grounding. Check to see if power is getting to fuse 9 (10A fuse) in the Central Junction Box while trouble is occuring. If you don’t see voltage to that point then check the lite green/violet wire going to the input side of the ignition switch. That wire is spliced to the protected side of fuse 105 in the battery junction box. There may be a problem with the splice connection. To see if there is a ground connection problem you could run a temporary ground wire between the battery and dash area. If things work ok you need to check the grounding.