Electrical problems


Have a 96 Ply Neon. Have had several inches of rain and flooding. Found 2" of water in floor boards. Now Rear turn signals, break lights and real lights don’t work. Fuses are OK. Do I have my hands full? Is this something I can fix myself? Does it need to go to the shop for a expensive repair?



Have you found the leak?  Do you have a sunroof?  Blocked drains on sun roofs are the first thing to check.

 Are all those lights located on the trunk lid?  If so, look for a ground wire problem. Are the lights in front working?  Have the bulbs been checked, they could all burn out. It is possible there is a ground wire in the wiring harness and it may be loose somewhere. 

Good Luck


Open the trunk and let everything inside dry out. See if you have standing water inside the taillight assemblies. If so, remove and reseal. Then check the ground wire on each side for corrosion where they attach to the chassis. My guess is that the problem and solution is in the trunk electricals.