Light bulbs aren't working

A “mechanic” tried 4 different light bulbs for one of my rear brake lights, none of which worked. (The “mechanic” was part of a tire dealership.) The light’s housing had a hole in it which meant that water got inside it whenever it rained. Is this gonna mean spending a whole lot? Thanks.

Well it seems there is a wire connection problem going to the light socket or the socket itself is bad. It shouldn’t cost a lot to fix this kind of problem if the tech knows what he is doing. It’s a very simple problem. The trouble could possibly be at the flasher unit. It would be nice to know if the light works with the flashers on or the turn signal if it shares the same light.

It’s likely the wiring harness or the socket the bulb fits into, probably the socket. It might be corrosion. You need to find a shop to troubleshoot the problem and replace or repair whatever is not functioning properly. If you feel handy, you could do it yourself. We can talk you through it. I’ve replaced light sockets before. They are typically available at an auto parts store.