Electrical Problems with a 2006 VW Diesel

My brother owns a 2006 diesel VW and likes the car. One time it rained and the car wouldn’t start. After a few hours, the car started. Another time it rained and the car wouldn’t start again. It appears as though the electrical wiring needs to dry out. However, just because it rains doesn’t mean the car won’t start. Either way, this situation causes anxiety because you never know when it rains whether the car will start. Any suggestions?

Define “won’t start” - that can mean a lot of things. What, exactly, happens when the key is turned?

I’ve asked my brother to define “won’t start” and he states the engine turns over, but will not start. This has happened three or four times. My brother just said that when it’s misty the problem occurs.

I am going to suggest you stop by the “TDICLUB.COM”.

I suspect it is the anti shutter valve or a 109 relay. The anti shutter valve can be fixed with one finger applied to the right linkage and a 109 relay (that is my first guess) is a cheap simple plug-in replacement.

Note: there are several different diesel models for 2006 and the specific advice will vary a little from one model to another.

Yahoo, a suggestion that makes sense. I will give this to my brother and see what happens. He’s been to the VW dealer and they haven’t been able to provide an answer. I told him to go to Car Talk because someone with extensive knowledge of cars would be able to provide the correct fix. Our sincere, sincere thanks.