VW Jetta and the rain



I rememebr a show in the not to distant past,in which a person was having trobule with stating the car in the remain. The car would not turnover…i am having the same problem and the dealer(obviously not a listener) could not help…anyone out ther remember the simple cure?


Define “The car would not turnover” in very specific terms. You turn the key and…


The key when turned will wind the engine, as if it is about to turnover, but then will not…and it only happens in the rain


“Turn over” means that engine will crank. I think you’re saying it won’t “fire up.”

I have no idea what “dealer’s” problem is. This is classic and very common problems with basic ignition components. They get wet and the water interferes with making spark. All you need to do to pinpoint it is start the engine on a dry day and use a spritzer-type bottle of water to mist various ignition components to see what is bothered by moisture.

In a large number of cases this is just bad spark plug wires. How old are your wires?

Also, unless you need warranty or recall service you don’t need a dealer. In the case of VWs it can be a little trickier, but any good independent mechanic can handle a simple wet ignition problem. In your case, I’d just look for a local mechanic who specializes in VWs for your general service needs.


thanks,from sunny california