2016 Jetta - Rear/Left trunk running lights won't turn on, but bulbs are still good

As the title says, my left rear running lights won’t turn on. I pulled the assembly and tested each of the three bulbs with a multimeter, and they’re all good. I tried checking the fuses but honestly, I’m having a tough time identifying which one it could be. I ended up pulling all the fuses, and I don’t see any burnouts. All the other lights work fine, so I feel like (maybe incorrectly) that it’s not a fuse issue anyway. Next I would say it’s a wiring issue, but that seems far-fetched since I haven’t had any work done to the car, other than an oil change a couple of months ago.

Check the connector with your multimeter to see if there is continuity if you haven’t already. Work back along the circuit from there. If you don’t have a circuit diagram, maybe you can find one on line or someone else here has one.

If the light is on the trunk lid, that means there has to be a wiring harness from the body to the trunk lid.

Try wiggling this harness with the trunk open and closed.



I did check the assembly connectors, but no issues there

Thanks, I will try this in the morning when it’s not raining so hard

Did you check for a good ground? Lights won’t work without a positive and and ground.

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