Electrical problem - intermittent no start when warm

I own a Toyota corolla 2005 . I had 4 occasions where the car would not start after I turned it off. If I let it sit and come back car starts. The electrical system was checked out but pep boys with no issue. Please help as to how I can figure out what issue is

When you say “car would not start”, do you mean you turn the ignition to start and nothing happens? Or, the engine cranks over but doesn’t fire?


Pep Boys (and other franchise shops) are no experts at this kind of problem.
I suggest you take it to a good independent shop or the dealer.
I suspect a relay or crank position sensor that fails when hot.

This could be the common Toyota worn starter solenoid contacts, if nothing happens when you turn the key. Pretty common after about 10 years.

My starter and my neighbor’s Toyota starter both did this at 100k miles. Replaced the starter with a Napa starter and no more problems. Toyota dealer wanted $400 for a starter. Way to much! https://www.amazon.com/TYC-1-17841-Corolla-Replacement-Starter/dp/B001KS9K5M/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1471265098&vehicle=2005-76-1013-------------0&sr=1-1&ymm=2005%3Atoyota%3Acorolla&keywords=2005+toyota+corolla+starter

Doubtful. And unnecessarily expensive for diagnosing contacts inside a starter solenoid.

Are you selling something?

Just curious, what is it that you are doubting @shanonia ? Who’s post are you referring to? I don’t see much in the way of controversy in the posts above.

It’s been removed. Someone had posted a link to an ad for a diagnostic tool for $699.95, saying that this would find the problem.

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As Tester was asking… We need to know the type of symptom you had when it did not start. If you turned the key and just heard a “click”…its the internal starter solenoid contacts (very common)

If it just cranked and turned the engine over and did not start up… that will be a different solution. But we definitely need to know.

This conversation ended in 2016. Then yesterday someone posted a spam advertisement, which I responded to, above. The spam has since been removed. Honda_Blackbird does give helpful advice above, to anyone here for an intermittent no start problem.