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Car Won't Start When Hot

I have a 1995 Toyota Corolla wagon that won’t start when hot. I thought this week’s show may have touched on it - coil/igniter problem? I replaced the starter twice, the battery, and the cables. Now that it is getting warmer I have to use an extra key to leave it running when I run errands hoping no one is interested in stealing a 16 year old car. It can take an hour or a lot more with the hood open for it to cool enough for me to start it. It does not crank, and the electrical inside the vehicle works when it is dead like this. I sure would appreciate any ideas about what to do. Cheers - Dan

Does the starter spin the engine? If not, put the vehicle in neutral, if you have an automatic and see if it starts. If it does then replace the neutral safety switch. If the starter will not turn the engine at all then it may be a wiring issue or the starter is “heat soaked”, that is, it will not work until it cools down. If the starter is turning the engine without starting then you have ignition or fuel issues. Find a good mechanic and he will test your ignition and fuel systems.