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1999.5 jetta tdi

My kilometer or my fuel level doesnt show on my dashboard and everything else works? You think my fuze is gone? And it doesnt speed up as fast it used too… #jetta #problem #tdi

I’m not familuar with the Jetta, but maybe a blown fuse.


Definitely check for a blown fuse. If not that, you’ll likely either have to live with it or consult a VW repair expert. It may be something simple.

Buy one of these and you can easily check those fuses without removing them.


Re: the comment that it doesn’t accelerate as fast as it used to, there seem to be a lot of comments on tdi-specific forums about turbocharger problems. You may want to check out a few of these sites for ideas. Simply google “1999 tdi turbocharger problems”. I got lots of “hits” specific to this problem.