2016 Acura TLX intermittent shut-off

Driving on the freeway my car just shut off, I had to put it into park and tried several times before it would restart. Actually it started once and then immediately shut off and then it took several attempts pushing the start button before it worked. This has happened at least 4 times now in the last month or so. They have already replaced my transmission so this is a new issue.

Is there a check engine light on? Is the car still under warranty? If it is, take it back to Acura.

No check engine light is not on I did take it back and they said they could not find anything wrong either.

Try to start it in neutral the next time this happens. If it starts right up, then the park safety switch is misadjusted or failing.

Yes, but if the engine shuts-down while driving, would a bad park safety switch be the cause?

I think that the OP might want to have her mechanic check the Crankshaft Position Sensor.


Good point!

Yes, a bad crankshaft position sensor could cause this.

The putting into park several times indicates the interlock or electrical system is having issue with respect to restart. While turning off is jarring the expectation is you place vehicle into park and have brake pedal pressed in order to (re)start.

Trying to diagnose the stalling/shutoff is likely going to be difficult.

Thank you all of this has been very helpful, if it does it again I will ask those specific questions. The dealership said they checked the computer and there were no errors saying the engine stalled and they drove the car and could not get it to duplicate the issue I was having of course.

My husband was driving it and the same thing happened to him plus I bought this car new so I am familiar with the auto off when you come to a complete stop and then press the break again the engine will shut off and the engine restarts automatically once you release the break. It actually stalled and I had not come to a complete stop and said I needed to put the car in park in order to start which was fun while I was on the freeway people pissed off and honking thankfully it was during rush hour so I was only going about 40 but still a little scary to have happen when you are in the middle of the freeway.

I have heard of cases of bad crankshaft position sensors that did not set codes in the vehicle’s OBD system.