Electrical problem 2007 Sonata

Everytime the temp outside is below 35 degrees when I start my car the radio has nothing but static. I have to shut the car off and restart it and then the radio is normal. Why does this happen.

This must be a widespread problem with that model, as you are the second person to post with this problem within just a few minutes.


Seriously, however, I would suggest that you start by trying to discharge the static electricity from your body before touching the radio controls. If that doesn’t work, post back (ONCE is sufficient, believe it or not) and perhaps we can come up with some other ideas.

Check to see if the antennae is going up when you turn the radio on. If it has a window embedded antennae, this wouldn’t apply.

If the radio is turned off (what I mean is,if the radio does not come on with simply turning the key) does the problem still exist? Get in the car,start engine ,turn radio on,is it only static? is the radio on station? AM or FM or both?

Have you verified the temp parameter? if car is kept in heated garage does problem still exist?)

Happens just upon inital start or through out the day?

Out of warranty by mileage?

It doesn’t matter if the radio is on or off. The problem only occurs when temp is 35 or below. If the temp is above that, it works fine. It will happen if it is aon AM or FM. Still under warrantee

Relate your story to Dealer have them either test with known good radio or replace with known good radio,why are you avoiding using your warranty?