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2003 Chevy Malibu, clock resets, doesn't start sometimes

First off, its a new battery and I checked my battery connections which are tight and clean. Sometimes it starts up and sometimes it gives me nothing and takes a few times before it will crank. For a few days before that started the clock was resetting sporadically… sometimes i would get in my car and start it and it would be fine - and sometimes i would start it and it would reset to 12:00. Today it started to die, twice when i was stopped at red lights it would completely just lost all power - but I was able to crank it right back up and it started right away.

Has anyone had an issue like this?

Last year I had the clock resetting thing as well, it lasted over a month - then one day after a long trip I pulled into a gas station and the car just wouldn’t crank up - the battery was dead and I bought a new one. So the battery I have in there isn’t even a year old yet. Funny thing is I had that battery tested and the guy said it was good - now I wonder if it was my battery last time at all.

Seems like its something electrical, something somewhere. The a/c goes on and off on it all the time, but that has happened for a few years now.

You need to check for a wire connection problem between the battery and power distribution panel under the hood. The trouble could also be between the panel and the dash fuse fuse panel.

I’m pretty sure the other battery was really ok.