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Chevy Impala 2010

The radio does not hold the time, resets to 12:00. Any answers/solutions?

Sometimes this is the first sign of trouble with the battery and charging system. A test of those is pretty cheap, so I’d start with that. Make sure the battery terminals and connections are clean as well.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Lion9car is likely to be correct about this being a battery problem.
But…if the battery and alternator turn out to be okay, then I would suggest that you have the car’s security system checked by a GM dealer.

I say that because, if the security system is defaulting to a “test mode” when the car is idle for an extended period of time, it is possible to wind up with strange situations such as the clock reverting to 12:00.

Good comments above. One other thing to check – if the above isn’t successful – might be the fuse which controls the radio circuit. Sometimes they’ll fail or just become loose in its moorings and become intermittant, where just a bump in the road will disconnect the radio briefly from its power source.

If nothing else works, remove the radio and power it from a 12 v DC source for a few days out of the car, see if the clock reset happens then. If so, there’s a problem with the radio/clock itself. Replacement car radios are pretty inexpensive these days, and many come with the ability to play mp3’s stored on USB memory sticks, a major advantage.

If the radio works off the car, but nothing else seems to help when it’s in the car, it might be the alternator is on the fritz and putting out electrical noise on the 12 volt line which is confusing the radio circuits.

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