Flickering/flashing dashboard lights

What is causing flickering/flashing dasboard lights?

Possibly a intermittent open electrical circuit(loose connection)

You didn’t mention the type of car.

With a Bosch alternator, steadily pulsing dash lights (and headlights) is generally an indication of worn brushes in the alternator. The easiest way to replace them is to get a new voltage regulator, as the brushes are attached to the voltage regulator, which attaches to the back of the alternator with two screws.

Type of car is Nissan Altima 2000. The flashing is as if the hazard lights have been turned on, but they are not.

Is it all the lights, or just a couple of particular ones? The one’s I concerned for the most are the CEL, OD, and ABS. Flashing in a regular pattern means pull the car over, and call a tow truck. I’m not joking. This is a stern warning from the car’s engine management system that there is a SERIOUS problem happening that with destroy something.

Flickering is if they are going dim, then bright, then dim in an irregular or regular pattern. This would indicate an electrical problem.

I put in a new battery last week. Does this make a difference?

I replaced the battery last week…and it’s connected correctly. Where else to look for loose connection?

It’s all the dashboard lights and the radio light.

As Manolito suggested, it sounds like your alternator is about to die. Along that line of reasoning, a bad alterator could be what killed your battery last week. I suggest that you get it to a mechanic a.s.a.p, since once these symptoms appear, the alternator tends to totally crap out within a day or two.

I agree with the post below. Get the charging system checked, and see if the alternator is at fault. If you let it go too far, it could cause ECM problems.

The rheostat (dash light dimmer) is probably going bad. Try rotating the dimmer knob a tiny bit and note if the problem goes away.

I have this problem occasionally and can usually adjust the knob. But now twice in a week when I start the car (Nissan) the radio sets have reverted to a.m. settings; all my sets are gone. It’s happened twice in 7-10 days. Alternator replaced 6 yrs and 40k miles ago. Is this symptom maybe related to lights flickering?

Check for a fuse blown out. Also, check the battery connections. Resetting the radio means the ‘memory’ or ‘constant hot’ circuit for the radio has lost power. Typically if the fuses are good, then the battery is weak and voltage dropping below 5 volts when you try to start the car, and that is enough to blank the memory.

I have a 06 Charger the dashlights and gauges go all crazy then a smell of fumes appear . Any suggestions what can be causing that ?