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Electrical Issues - 2013 Chrysler 200 xl

I recently bought a 2013 Chrysler 200 xl. It runs great, but there have been some electrical issues. Every once in awhile the headlights will flicker on and off at a consistent rhythm (meaning they turn on and off at steady intervals and it doesn’t seem to be random.) It happened the day I bought the car, soon after leaving the lot and again today after I accidentally triggered the panic button on the key fob. The headlights will flicker on and off for the whole rest of the time I’m driving the car pretty much. The issue persists even if I turn the car on and off. I’ve tested it, and it usually happens when I trigger another electrical device (like turn signals or the remote locking mechanism.) The first time it happened I couldn’t solve the problem but when I left the car alone and off for a few hours, I came back to try again and the issue had seemed to resolve itself. It was fine for a few days but today it happened again. Though I’ve had a license for a long time, I’m new to owning my own car and I’d like to learn how to diagnose and solve problems on my own. What could the problem be? How can I determine the issue and fix it? Thanks.

Now that you own a Fiat/Chrysler product, you need to be aware of this component when it comes any electrical problems.


You might try replacing the headlight relay . They are about 20 bucks .

It would be nice to know if the lights are standard or HID type. I would suspect whatever circuit is controlling the operation of the headlight relays.