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Electrical Issue?

I am a owner of a 2005 Dodge Stratus R/T. I What could be causing my driver window not to come down during cold temperatures (early morning hours and night time hours), as well as when starting my vehicle up it sounds “incomplete” for lack of a better word, along with my CD player (which the factory one was having issues and I replaced that) stalling or becoming stuck, and my enterior lighting fading out and then after time it kicks back in full display. My actual car horn as well as the noise when locking the vehicle, the sound has faded as well and sounds sick. I have had my electrical system checked on two different occassions and if they can not pick up on the eletrical issues such as my window, radio, or horn they feel as if nothing is wrong. As for the starting of the car, I was told to start it “harder” which is rediculous. I was also told to replaced my CD player AGAIN…I refuse. Please help!!!

"I have had my electrical system checked on two different occassions… by whom? Does not sound like they were automotive electrical specialists. Find a good specialist and have them do a complete electrical diagnostic. Have you tried a Dodge dealership (if they are still around)?


I agree. It does not sound like whomever you had servicing your vehicle tried very hard.

To have so many electrical problems in so many systems at the same time would give me the first impression of damage to a main wire harness. Specifically one that handles your interior wiring. I might also check the rectifier bridge of your alternator to make sure it’s not letting too much AC voltage through.