Dodge stratus some electrics don't work


my wifes dodge dash gages, A/C, doorlocks willnot work when the weather is hot, but will work at other times

this problem first showed up on a trip to south carolina in Augest last year, In the morning all systems worked but after things heated up if you stoped an shut off the engine when you started up again the gages A/C an door locks would not work. If you never shut off the engine the systems worked fine. When i put it in the shop there in S.C thay could not find anything the problem would not show up

whan we returned to Maine it gever showed up again untill today when my wife needed a battery it was warm an when she picked it up whamo no gages ,A/C or door locks

the shop said thay could look at it in couple days but it will have started to work by then

can anyone tell me what the problem might be


Its mostly likely something wrong with the BCM (body control module) or a communication problem in the CCD Comm Buss that Links all the modules together.


i have a 2004 stratus coupe. this has happened to me twice, knock on wood hasnt happened in a while. got it @ 17k now has 44k. I have been told the electrical system in these cars for some reason are over powered- not sure if that would have anything to do with it.