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Electrical / fuse issue

Hello. Listen to you guys on NPR. Really enjoy your show!

So-now I have a question for you, or maybe a ?stump the chump?

I have a 2000 Mazda MPV with nearly 100k miles on it. It runs great, but has a problem that, so far, a few mechanics have been unable to fix.

When the car is shut off and restarted, I lose all the dash indicators, (i.e the gear indicator, gas gauge, speedometer, and blinker indicator, etc.) If I take out a particular 15 amp fuse and re-set it, it is good to go. However, as soon as the car is shut off, I have to take out the same 15 amp fuse and re-set.

Any answers or suggestions? One mechanic said I needed an entire new dashboard, but I wasn?t confident with his qualifications. I have not taken it to the Mazda dealer yet. Will a standard computer diagnostic be able to solve an electrical problem like this?

Looking forward to a solution to this problem

The dash items you mentioned may be tied to a processor module or one is built into the dash and you are really resetting the processor by pulling the power.

Generally you will not find out much by checking the computer for codes, unless the CEL has come on.  

Since you are not likely under new car warranty, there is little reason to take it to the dealer.  Look for a good local INDEPENDENT mechanic.  Ask friends neighbors etc for a recommendation.