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Electric window and side mirror problem


I have a renault grand scenic 2011. The left side electric window jumps out of place when I rise or lower it. Also the side mirror on the left side can’t be adjusted from the inside anymore. The window on the right side works but is slow. What could be the issue?

Sounds like you have several different issues…not just one issue.

There could be multiple causes and fixes for each problem. Difficult to diagnose over the internet.

The issue is that something is broken and this is a US based forum so I doubt if anyone here even knows anything about a Renault . Any body shop should be able to solve the window problem and maybe they can fine out why the mirror is no working at the same time. Renault has not been sold in the US for years.

The left window is loose in its regulator, or the regulator is malfunctioning. The right one sounds like its regulator and/or motor is going bad. Usually a new regulator with a new motor is the quickest and surest repair. While they have the left door panel off they can also diagnose and fix the left mirror. Bon chance.