2004 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx - Worry about power steering

just had a new electric power steering unit put in my car Jan11,2021 driven it exactly 74 days and boom my power steering warning lite on radio indicator came on the wrench warning light on the dash came on i was about 35 miles from home at a gas station when this happened took it back to the repair shop that did the work and was told do not worry about it that it is properly a glitch in the electrical system that he check the code and said it would likely go off soon. i am 83 tears young and this is causing me worry about getting in an accident, also the parts and labor are covered for one year you would think the repair shop would at least take the car back and go over it with a fine tooth inspection and make it right is this some thing i should take legal action with. when i took the car back he spent all of 5 min telling me not to be concern about the warning lights

Take it back and insist the car be repaired properly. There is a problem and the error codes set set are not a glitch.

If that doesn’t get you satisfaction, take it to a better shop, maybe a dealer. Dependi g on what they find, the next stop might be a lawyer.

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