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Mazda Tribute Power Steering Problem

Hey Everyone. I am having an issue with my ELECTRICAL power steering for my 2008 Mazda Tribute and I can’t get a straight answer from the few mechanics I’ve spoken with.

Here’s the situation. During the warm months (May through October in Virginia) my power steering will work perfectly. However when it’s cold (below 40F) my power steering stops working. During the transition from warm to cold (and vice versa) it will work intermittently and violently shake.

I had it seen at the Mazda dealership and they told me it had nothing to do with the power steering assist recall and that I will need to pay for replacing the entire steering column (>$1200).

Has anyone else had a similar issue? If so, what is the fix?

If not, do you have any ideas why this may be occurring?

Any help is appreciated.


You shouldn’t have to, but I’d try a different Mazda dealer (You can use a phone call, first, to speak with Mazda Service Directors/Managers to see if they’d help). If that results in a problem of not getting this resolved, I’d contact (or have the dealer do it) a zone service/parts rep and schedule to meet with them and your vehicle.

Mazda put out a 34 page Technical Service Bulletin on this issue, written for Mazda Technicians to help diagnose and resolve some steering problems on Mazda vehicles, including 2008 Mazda Tributes that fall under the specified VIN (vehicle identification number) parameters.

Search for and have a look at the TSB for Safety Recall 7614E I suspect that the steering issue is not something you have caused.


You have to wait until July to find out if your vehicle is involved in the recall.


That’s July of 2014. The recall and bulletin I referred to was issued July, 2014 when customers were notified.

Then guess what?

The vehicle isn’t covered under the recall.


“Then guess what?
The vehicle isn’t covered under the recall.”

Why? I’m looking at the 34 pages (including the letter to owners) and see nothing about that expiration. The build date range goes from 10/05/06 through 09/11/10.

I will need to pay for replacing the entire steering column (>$1200).

That sounds like a straight answer. The question is who is going to pay for this.

If no faults were in the power steering computer at the time the recall was performed the procedure was to perform the software update as instructed.

Dealers are to check the Power Steering Control Module (PSCM) for Diagnostic Trouble Codes
• If DTC B1342, B2277, or B2278 are NOT present, reprogram the PSCM and the Instrument
Cluster (IC) module.
• If only DTC B2278 is present, replace the torque sensor.
• If DTC B1342 or B2277 is present, replace the steering column assembly.

In most cases after the recall is performed the manufacture is not liable for future failures. Do you have a documented diagnoses for the column failure? If you know the fault codes before the recall and the current fault codes it will help when asking for assistance from the manufacture based on this recall and common steering failures with this vehicle.

So I called and tried to go back and obtain more information. Supposedly no diagnosis codes came up during their recall work up (July 2014) and they only updated the module. I’m trying to see if any codes came up during the work up I had done 6 months prior to the recall in Jan 2014. I don’t believe any lights were on so I’m assuming they will tell me there are no codes despite telling me I need to replace the entire column. Is there no connection with the recall issue and the power steering assist issue I am having???

I have a feeling I’m going to be the one paying for this despite getting a clear answer.

There may be a connection between the recall and your column assembly failure however I don’t see a warranty extension or life time warranty on the steering system. The manufacture was required to perform this recall once on each vehicle. If enough future complaints are filed with the NHTSA these vehicles could be recalled again.

If you have an invoice with diagnostic information this would be helpful when discussing your problem with the manufacture. Normally the dealer cannot request a free repair from the manufacture on you behalf, this is something you must do yourself.