Electric indows don't work after replacing battery

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2000 Mercedes A-class, 90K miles, automatic

Small spark when connecting the battery.

All else functions as expected.

check the fuse

Your owner’s manual should tell you which fuse is the right one.

thanks. Of course, I forgot to mention that the owners manual is in German (we live overseas) so it will be another rich adventure with the dictionary and a flashlight in freezing temperatures. Will post if something works out. Cheers.

A small spark is normal. The fuse is the most likely issue, good luck with the translation.

Kraftfahrzeugmacht-Fenster Sicherung
could you please give us the model, engine and number of your car ?

German is interesting, sicherung=fuse also the root word for insurance.The first German words I learned were all car related words, never did get the language well.

Do any of the windows work at all? Have you tried using the individual switches instead of the master one of the driver door? If the car has one touch up and down windows, you must “set” each window before the master switch will work. To set the windows, roll each individual window down and up holding the switch down for a few extra seconds each way. If you have a sunroof, you must do the same procedure before the auto open and close to work.