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70 Chevelle

I started a resto project on a 70 Malibu a few years back. I’m looking to get the most out of it from what I’ve put into it. I know I’ll never get all I have into it but looking for the best way to go about this.

Susp.: Frame is straight and was sandblasted and epoxy primered. Put on tubular contol arms and converted to power disc brakes up front. Had twelve bolt posi w/3:73 gears built and has Koni adjustable shocks all around. Have new power steering low ratio box and pump ready to be put on.

Body: Has a new SS hood (for height) and trunk lid. Trunk has been replaced as has the lower quarter panels. initial body-work has been done and has epoxy primer on it. Just need final blocking done. Have new front and rear bumpers and all new lenses, door handles, front grille w/new chrome, weatherstriping, and all other chrome stiriping.

Interior: New headliner, seat covers, door panels, carpet and padding, handles, dome light, and package tray ready to be put in

Motor: 388 stroker, Eagle rods, New Bowtie heads, Barry Grant 750 carb on dual plane intake. MSD 6AL ign. with billet distributor and a new four core radiator. Ceramic coated full length headers with 3" pipe with x-over to DynoMax super turbo mufflers with 2.5 out the rear.

As you can see, I have some time and $ invested in this but basically lost the urge to finish. Runs like a beast and just needs someone else to love it like I did.

The forgotten question is: should I part this car out? ebay it with some kind of reserve? What kind of reserve? I know what i have into it but what can I get for it in the condition it’s in now? Maybe there is a more promising place to advertise it? Like was mentioned in the post, How can I get the most out of it?

My feeling is that anybody that buys the car will stress how he is buying a incomplete project.

As you know they way to make out best is to complete it.

How much (in percent) do you figure you are going to loose in just the parts and sublet labor. I don’t think you will recover 50% of what you spent in parts unless you a willing to sell the parts individualy (find a individual buyer for each part,one that will not want a group deal)

Check ebay for comparables!

Tough call on this one. A generic Chevelle that is modified may be worth somewhat more than a clean original ho-hum model but if this one is a modified SS model it will worth less than a clean original.

You’re probably correct; you won’t earn all of your expenditures back and I agree with waterboy. Follow eBay for a while and see what comparables go for. Following Hemmings Motor News may also give you a few guidelines.

Love this model of Chevelle though. With the right paint and wheels they’re stunning to look at.

Are you a member of a club? Find a club near you and show your car off to the members. There will surely be enthusiastic folks who like your project. Maybe their enthusiasm will rekindle yours, and maybe a couple of them will help with the remaining assembly. They can probably suggest a good paint shop, too. If you still want to sell it after you’re done, that’s great. But you might find that you want to keep it when it’s done. Newspapers often have ads for local car shows that are sponsored by local clubs. You may also find web sites for clubs, too. Post some pictures and we’ll get the bug, too.

No afiliation with anything. As far as resources for completion, that is not a problem. The interest & finances have moved in another direction. OK…, it’s a regular Malibu that I towed out of somebody’s back yard. If it did not have the SS hood, It would be a “sleeper” until you heard it running. The initial reason for doing the project was to eat mustangs (or at least try). It’s a great car and all the work that was done, was done with the “do it right” approach…ARP harware and such. It would be a bad idea to part it out in my opinion but if that is the best “bang for the buck”, I would do it.

Some good ideas here.

If you want input from guys who do this modding a lot you can have a talk with them at:

Store it until the love returns, you’ll regret selling it. Do any of you guys who post here regret ever selling any of their cars they had in the past? I sure do, and this one is just 'cause you’re bored, not 'cause you need $$, going to the Army, or something like that. My advice, store it. Rocketman