I have a 93 mirage es 1.5L. I just finished doing some work on it since it has sat for almost 2 years in my garage.

Heres what was done.

ENGINE New plugs, wires, dist. cap + rotor, oil change x2. New Brakes front rear, Changed old Fuel Filter, drained old gas. Filled half the tank with 87 and used a bottle of injector cleaner.

Here’s my problem

I can start my car with no problem I check my charge with a multi meter I have 15.4V running at idle in driveway and 12.3ish while its off. When I’m driving this car wet, dry I have no problems, until I stop at a light or sign the car dies out after a few seconds my battery light turns on then it dies. I can start it right back up again without a problem and drive it. I was thinking the altenator but the car doesnt die at a idle when its in my driveway. Can anyone give me any tips???

If I clean these 2 items do you think this may fix the problem? I am trying to get away without having to buy these 2 since they will run me about $450