Car dies

I have a 93 mirage es 1.5L. I just finished doing some work on it since it has sat for almost 2 years in my garage.

Heres what was done.

ENGINE New plugs, wires, dist. cap + rotor, oil change x2. New Brakes front rear, Changed old Fuel Filter, drained old gas. Filled half the tank with 87 and used a bottle of injector cleaner.

Here’s my problem

I can start my car with no problem I check my charge with a multi meter I have 15.4V running at idle in driveway and 12.3ish while its off. When I’m driving this car wet, dry I have no problems, until I stop at a light or sign the car dies out after a few seconds my battery light turns on then it dies. I can start it right back up again without a problem and drive it. I was thinking the altenator but the car doesnt die at a idle when its in my driveway. Can anyone give me any tips???


The battery light is just a normal symptom when a car stalls. Your problem is more like and Idle Air Control valve or possibly and air leak around the throttle body or intake manifold.

It could be the IAC or the idle switch. On the throttle is a throttle position sensor and an idle position switch. The switch tells the computer that your foot is off the gas and the computer in turn controls the idle via the IAC. If the throttle isn’t closing completely due to some gum build up, the idle position switch won’t make and the computer won’t control the idle.

You think if I clean this with intake cleaner this may improve or fix the problem?