91 LeSabre almost stall-out


In the 2.5 years I’ve owned this car, the engine has been bulletproof. The oil gets changed regularly, the coolant is maybe a year old after a water pump change, new plugs, wires, filters and probably some other things I’m forgetting right now.

For the past couple of months it has slowly developed a hard time keeping the idle up when shifting from Park to Drive on a cold startup. The problem is slowly getting worse, to the point that it almost stalled yesterday morning. There is now problem if the engine is even slightly warm, like if it had been parked for about 4 hours.

Would this be an IAC problem? If it is, would cleaning it with a spray in the intake likely help?

I’m also noticing a bit of a hesitation when accelerating from a stop nowadays, hot or cold. Related? Thanks.


Wow, 12 hours and no answer. Did it ever get posted? :slight_smile:


bump #2. Holding my breath…