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Egged car

While visiting a friend’s home one balmy Kansas evening last fall, my 2008 Mazda MX5 (Miata) was egged while the car was parked in the friend’s driveway. This wasn’t just a normal “egging,” because the rag top was down. I was able to clean the interior, but the rag top has white egg residue stains I have been unable to remove. All who I have asked locally do not know how to remove the stains, and I hesitate to use a stiff brush for fear of damaging the cloth fabric top. Any ideas what to do?

The likely fix is replacing the top. Your auto insurance - deductible should cover this.

You might take it to a detailer to see if they have had success removing egg from a fabric top. You might also ask for references if they think they can do the job or find out what the cost is if they aren’t successful.