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Effect of Wet floor

Hi. One morning due to heavy rain i found that water has entered my car and staggered on floor some how i manage to get it out through some household means but still the floor remains wet. I want to does wet floor wi cause any damage to metal beneath it. Because its been 10 to 15 days since floor is wet.

It will likely cause a smelly and unhealthy to breath mold to form in the carpet and its underlayment. And could cause the floors to rust. You’re going to have a figure out a way to dry the carpet & underlayment completely. Fans, etc.

Yes, dry out the carpet right away. Rusted out floor are difficult if not impossible to fix.

Not only that but mold will grow under the carpet. Some claim that the pad underneath should be replaced. The best is to take the carpet out which is a job. Shop vac, good ventilation, fans blowing inside, etc. but don’t forget to trace the leak.

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