Water Spill

I spilled about 2 gallons of water on the back driver side of my floor. I vacuumed up the water as much as I could and I also used towels. There is still some water underneath the carpet that I cant get to. I’m afraid it will cause rust if it sits there. How can I drain it without pulling out the carpet?

Do you have a place you can park the car with the doors open and put a good-sized fan blowing on the wet area? If it’s just water, it’ll dry right up.

Have you used paper towels to soak up every last drop you can?

Buy this, and set on the floor in the back seat.


Weighted down bath towels will draw out the last of the water. If you have a safe place leave the car running with the heat on full blast and the windows cracked for a awhile.

Ed B.