Alternative fuels

I’ve seen on the internet claims that an inexpensive, hydrogen system can be made and installed on a car to increase the mileage. Also, claims of and additive for cooking oil that makes fuel. What are your thoughts on these claims? Do they work? Is it worth a try? Thanks.

The hydrogen sites lie, pure and simple - doesn’t work. The used vegetable oil into biodiesel can work, but you’ve got to buy some pretty expensive equipement to do it right, line up a source, etc…hard to see how you’d ever save any money.

alternative fools

If something sounds too good to be true, then chances are, it is!

These things are a waste of money. I can send you plans to combine several gas-saving devices so that you can actually PRODUCE fuel while you drive. I can sent you this for the low price of $29.95. But wait, There’s more…!

You should take a look at

Thank you for that site. One referenced there, and written by an automotive engineer, is especially helpful:

I was getting withdrawals. Hadn’t seen one of these stupid posts in a week.

just wait till fuel gets over $5/gallon… :X

No, it won’t work. Here’s a list of things that don’t work. The EPA hasn’t found a winner yet.

And I agree with Mike. I miss the HHO foolishness, too! BTW, Mike (and mountainbike), I enjoyed a wonderful ride in the country on Wednesday: Manchester to Durham and back. Great weather, wonderful country.

Of all the fuel saving contraptions and devices hawked in the back pages of a few popular magazines and on the internet, I think there is only one that actually has even a chance to live up to its claims.

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