Edsel --when did you last see on?

I have a 1958 Corsair 4 dr–gold/black/white. I need door weatherstripping and cannot find anywhere including Steele Rubber. Anyone have any suggestions?



The '58 Corsair was essentially identical to the '58 Mercury–with the exception of exterior styling and the push-button controls for the transmission. I would be very surprised if weatherstripping for a '58 Merc didn’t fit.

I would think Edsel forums would be able to help you, have you tried them?

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@Tester’s link took me to a dead end. If that happens to you, click on weatherstripping in the left menu column and it will take you to a page full of weather stripping.

I did a Google search and it seems that you should be able to find these parts.

With a rare vehicle like this why are you not a member of an Edsel Forum or at least getting to know your local Classic Restoration shops.

Might want to try a Hemmings. Tons of parts for Ford, Merc, Lincoln and a few mention Edsel. Obviously the kids that do the typing of the ads though didn’t know there was no such thing as a 1969 Edsel.

The top two models were Mercury based and the bottom 2 were ford Based. The Corsaie and Citation were the top line and the Ranger and Pacer were the bottom two, if Memort serves me correctly. I doubt if they tooled up for special door frames for the Edsel. They discontinued the push button transmission after 58.

I saw 15 Edsels at the Toy Town car show in East Aurora a year ago. East Aurora was the original home of Fisher-Price.

@oldtimer-11. I think what you remember is correct. The second year of the Edsel, 1959, the Corsair and Citation models were dropped and all 1959 Edsels were on the Ford Fairlane platform. In fact, the 6 cylinder 223 cubic inch Ford engine was available in 1959.
The 1959 and the the few 1960 Edsels that were produced were really good buys as used cars. The fact that they were orphan models made them depreciate rapidly. However, beung Fords under the skin made parts readily available.

I appreciate all the comments. I have since talked to MACS (now owned by Ecklers) and sent new messages to Steele. No luck on the weatherstripping for the Edsel and 58 Mercury so far. Some time ago Steele sent me odd samples of what’s available and I may try to see if I can get something close.

A P.S. — I have tried Edsel forums and every Edsel parts supplier I can find–and there are not that many. . Now, I can find trunk lid and hood pieces…but not doors.

The Edsel was a sales flop, only produced for a few years over 60 years ago with a very small following. Finding parts for these cars is difficult to impossible and will only get worse. Best of luck to you keeping this old car on the road.

Have you tried ( Pat Walsh Restorations ) ?

@ALOVIO_170539 I just remembered that Hagerty Collector Insurance has a department that does nothing but locate parts for the vehicles they insure . They might be able to send you in a good direction.