Edelbrock 1405 500cfm and 1406 600cfm

would i b able to just change all the parts over from the 1405 to the 1406 carb to make the 500cfm a 600cfm, reason being is the 600cfm is missing some parts that have to be ordered from the manufacture, and im already taking it apart for a rebuild, thanks in advance

Doubtful. Measure the throttle bores. I think you’ll find that they’re not the same diameter. If that’s the case the only way to make a 500 cfm carburetor into a 600 cfm carburetor would be to overbore it.

As for transfering the 500’s parts to the 600, that’s anybody’s guess. Get a parts list with manufacturer’s part numbers for both carburetors, then compare them.

ok thanks for the help i think im just going to rebuild the 600cfm and sell the other since is is already rebuilt thanks for the help