Edelbrock electric choke

ok i did a smoke test on my car to find look for vacuum leaks, on my edelbrock choke it has some smoke coming out this hole on the side of it not the black part but the frame of it. theres a side hole that has a plug that goes into it thats not the one its right beside it fasing outwards, u can see into the hole,

my question is is this hole sapposed to be open ill also show a picture for refrence

and is a 500cfm to small for a 350 bored over 60 with a compcam and hirise intake

electric choke picture with the hole getting pointed to

Off the top of my head I can’t remember what that hole is all about but I can look tomorrow and check. I’ve got 2 vehicles here with the same Edelbrock carbs on them.

A 500 CFM carburetor is plenty big enough for a 350.

ok thanks alot

No problem. I’d do it tonight but it’s pitch black, cold, the wind is huffing a bit, and I don’t feel like goosebumps. :slight_smile:

lol, thats cool im on your time your helping me.

That hole is a vent hole. When the spring inside the choke gets hot it heats the air around it. Without this vent hole, as the choke gets hot the air inside would expand and build pressure, cracking the plastic choke cover.


About the cfm rating. I ran the Edlebrock Performer 600 cfm without any issue what so ever for many years on a 330 hp small block. The engine was extremely mild mannered,had no idle issues and ran like the proverbial scaleded dog when prompted. Are you chasing idle quality issues? remember the old saying “most carburetor problems lie in the ignition system”. A few weeks ago we were discussing the realtive emmissions of such a vehicle and one of today and even though the engine would idle so incredibly smooth it was still in the 3.5% CO and 300 ppm HC range, which is extremely polluting by todays standards, one reason I sold it. I really did not mind much since a young man interested in hot rods and modified engines bought the truck,I am sure he is learning much with it (and it was an excellent landscaper work truck, 1965 GMC,they had a huge bed on them).

Something came to mind, you are smoke testing an engine for vacuum leaks? whatever made you think this was the tool to be used for this job? There is no way a smoke test is applicable to finding a vacuum leak on the engine, just get a can of carb cleaner.

Just to clarify this a bit, you are talking about the hole facing the camera and the 2 arrows are pointing at?

I’ve got 2 cars here with the same Edelbrock carburetor and an extra Edelbrock. With all 3 carbs that hole is a blind hole with a dead end.
If you’re not talking about that particular hole there is another one on the same metal boss and it faces the front of the car. This hole has a plug in it.

It probably should be open. Since it looks new, the smoking may stop after a while. The heater inside is definitely working. When the bimetallic spring gets hot, it opens the choke.

ok thanks for all the help i think it is sapposed to be open as stated down below so i reinstalled it, and adjusted the floats inside the carb, a for the smoke test i read about some of the ways to test vacuum leaks this seems the safest and lets u see the actual leaks, i read about spray and gas from the little blue torch. the home made smoke test i liked better and it was easy to make, if any one wants to see how to make one ill post the link and a pic on here thanks alot guys u are a great help

the hole has a screen filter in it its is just a vent, the guy at hire’s speed shop confirmed it