Motorcraft 4300 carb

Just finished rebuild of Autolite/motorcraft4300 4V on my 1971 Lincon Mark III (high comp. 460) Had Basic questions, appears carb was apart before:

1)Checked rebuild kit and MOTOR Man.- both refered to the aux fuel valve, next to main fuel inlet and operated by the floats. Carb. had a nicely machined brass plug. Replased same W/ valve from kit, set to specks. What does this valve do & why was I missing it? Seams to be a redundent inlet.

2) carb seams straight forward- Mech. secandarers, etc. Is the CFM about 750 $ and problems to look out for? Thanks for any insight.

Feal silly replying to my own “Post”—Any body out there remember BigBlock American Cars and Carberators??? Seriously- can someone recomend a web-sight for “real Cars” and Real Questions, as Reqd.?? Dont get me wrong- this is still America- I respect ones right to talk about Rice Burner cup-holders and Wind-shield Wipers. I just have 8 or 9 “Real” cars that I’d like to pass on to my boy in the best possible shape. I can and will help others as reqd., just have little intrest or Know-how about Camery smells. Rock On!!

If you want something easy to work on, an old Holley will do. A new one with all the vacuum inlets would do nicely and you will not have to fully close the choke to get it started. We didn’t rebuild those Ford carbs, we trashed them. Ok, I know that somebody rebuilt them, but not if they wanted power.

Know what ya mean re. Hollies- I run them on 2 of my Mustangs. Readilly available Jets, floats you can adjust as she runs, etc.- allvery cool. Re-built about 3 Big block Rochester Q Jets- not fun and hard to dial in. Get one post 1974 real bad! Anyway- wanted this car more or less stock. Flies down highway- getting rid of stumble in town. Hollies, Q-jets and all other carbs I worked on don’t need an emergency/redundant fuel inlet per bowl. Thats why I posted. P.S. Aint new “premium” fuel real bad?!?