Need a vehicle to hold 3 car seats!


We are looking to buy a used vehicle that can hold 3 car seats, 2 infants and a booster seat. We have been looking at minivans but wondering what other options are out there. My head is starting to hurt!

Thanks so much!


Minivans(best egress) or full-size SUV’s(3 across), also smaller SUV’s/crossovers with 3 rows seats but painful loading.


What’s wrong with a normal sedan like a Camry or Accord? Two infant seats on the outboard part of the rear seat with the booster in the middle? The seat manufacturer folks make little gizmo things to secure the seats with most belt set-ups, and a four door Accord or Camry would allow easy in/out with the kids. Now . . keeping them quiet and from touvhing each other is another thing. Rocketman


The poster should try placing all their seats into a prespective car that looks tight. It can be done but with significant sacrifice. Basically >2 kids under 5 a minivan is the way to go. Later past age five for all minivans are optimal but most any other vehicle will do.

If I were the poster just find a Dodge (Grand)Caravan or Ford Windstar/Freestar given the terrible resale used make them absolute bargains used. Skip Honda minvan as they are overpriced in the used market and are known to blow transmissions up. Toyota minivan is quite nice but has the Toyota premium price. The poster states no budget.


Just rented a Dodge Grand Caravan for a few days and I was impressed with the huge amount of space, and the 3 seats, the rear two rows fold out of the way quickly and easily. A Chevy Suburban would have equal room, but the fuel consumption and price would be much higher. For the money and convenience you can’t beat a Grand Caravan. Agree that Honda and Toyota used are overpriced. The Dodge gas mileage was good; 22mpg on a high speed trip.


You might also consider a Chevy Impala. It has the mounts for three child seats in the rear. Of course, trying to remain sane while three kids are fighting in the back is another problem. I’d say a minivan is definitely your best bet.


The mini-van IS probably your BEST solution. But if you just can’t STAND the sight of one, a Crown Victoria has almost as much room, and the trunk will hold all the other stuff, including strollers, no problem.


Something low to the ground with a stout roof rack. No? :slight_smile:

You got good results. If you can suffer through it, you might try using the Find function to look for posts similar to yours. This question has been asked a couple of times in the last few months (you’re not alone!)


Sedans just aren’t wide enough to put 3 seats side-by-side. As the children age, they will be cramped and will also be within easy striking range. Moe, Larry, and Curly will be alive and well in your back seat. They will also populate your minivan, but at least you can separate them. When our third came along we got a minivan. We’re on our second and are quite pleased to have it. It even hauls stuff - lots of stuff. We currently drive a 2003 Oldsmobile Silhouette Premium and are quite pleased with it. If you look at used GM vans, try to find a Silhouette. It is the most comfortable of the early 2000s GM vans. No Olds dealer near you? Don’t worry; any Chevrolet or Pontiac dealer can fix it. Except for the very comfortable captain’s chairs, the vans are identical.


Look no further…