Eclipse that dies

My 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse with 100,000 miles will sometimes just stops running especially when I take my foot off the accelerator or just at idle. The car has been tuned and checked out my 5 mechanics with code readers. When ever the car code is tested, everything is normal. The car dies at unexpected times, but it will start up immediately.

This problem has been bothering me to the point of getting rid of it. I would hate to sell the car in this condition to anyone for safety reasons. Any suggestions as to the problem?

Can you prevent the engine from stalling if you slightly step on the accelerator? Try that. And if the engine doesn’t stall when doing this, the problem could be with the Idle Air Control/Air By Pass motor.


I agree w/ Tester. If the car runs fine aside from just dying at idle sometimes, a faulty IAC/ISC motor is a likely culprit.
Assuming that is the problem, I’ll point out that there should also be a manual idle adjustment screw on the throttle body (at least there’s one on my Mitsu)- which acts as a back-up to keep the car running in case the IAC fails- and it sounds like yours may not be screwed in far enough. If you or one of your five mechanics can find that manual adjustment screw and screw it in until the idle just starts to increase, and then back it out about one turn, that’ll at least keep your car from completely dying until you can get the ISC replaced …